Acapulco is a wonderful city that is located on the western coast, has a tropical climate for most of the year. The Bay is full of beaches, 20 beaches are one more beautiful than the other, some famous  are: Caleta and Caletilla, Puerto Marques, Pie de la Cuesta, Lobster, Revolcadero, Mangrove Forest, among others.

It is an exciting city for many centuries of history and culture. It is a living witness to the pre-Columbian times, conquest, independence and modern times. In the history of Acapulco are stories of love and pirates. A must is the Fort of San Diego, a fort built in the eighteenth century to protect the city from attacks by pirates.

Many tourists come to this great port just to enjoy their nights, whose fame reaches all corners of the earth, night clubs, restaurants and entertainment centers first.

How to forget a visit to the show of the Gorge, where you can enjoy the most famous diving show in the Pacific. Right there is time to buy souvenirs, gold, silver and semi-precious stones.