It is located in central Mexico just two hours (220 miles) north of Mexico City and is also one of the smallest states in the country. The number of attractions that contains make it a fascinating state, dynamic, colorful and diverse.

The historic city center has been declared “Cultural Patrimony of Humanity” by UNESCO, and offers visitors a tradition of almost 500 year history. The famous aqueduct, churches and impressive palaces and mansions that make this city is one of the most beautiful colonial places in Mexico.

It is a city rich in history, as some of the most important events of the Independence of Mexico occurred in this city.

It is also a jewel of Mexican colonial architecture and is one of the industrial centers and major business of modern Mexico, as it has an increasing rate of business development.

Querétaro can be visited all year good weather makes the stay a pleasant one, and its many activities, become unforgettable. In short, this is a warm and friendly place, a destination that offers, through its festivals, its history, culture and cuisine, a good life.

Queretaro is very accessible for any traveler. Located less than an hour from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato two hours, two of Michoacan and two of San Luis Potosi. In addition, Queretaro has enough attractions: two World Heritage Sites, a wine tour, charming villages and several eco-tourism camp.