Taxco (Nahuatl: tlachtli, instead of the ball game ‘) is located in the state of Guerrero. Now is  Know as Taxco de Alarcón, because the New Spanish t Juan Ruiz de Alarcón was born in the city in 1581.
It along with Acapulco and Ixtapa one of the most important tourist centers of the state and for its architectural beauty is considered by the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico as a magical town.

Taxco is the oldest mining town in the Americas, why is known for its silver mines, which existed since colonial times. Its traditional working of silver is world renowned, as is also called “the world capital of silver jewelry.”
Both the center and in the surrounding streets are numerous shops with articles of this precious metal.

The city is protected as national heritage, which ensures the preservation of its colonial structures.

The Zocalo in Taxco Plaza Borda is called, there is the Church of Santa Prisca church over 250 years old, one of the best examples of Baroque architecture in New Spain in Mexico and one of the most important representations of Churrigueresque .
There is a museum located behind the Church of Santa Prisca, which has pre-Hispanic sculptures found in the region.

Walking the streets find other crafts that can be purchased at the Craft Market, located behind the Cathedral, or the many shops and flea markets that are observed throughout the city.

Each year The National Silver Fair takes place in Taxco during the last Saturday of November. At the fair, concerts and an art competition with silver at the Casa Borda