Just five hours drive from Mexico City is the stunning port of Veracruz, with big attractions that combines colonial architecture and warm beaches, plus a delicious mild climate makes this a pleasant resort.

Today, almost five centuries after its foundation, is the largest port in the country, besides being a city with great infrastructure, and preferred to live nice for tourism.

This place brings a wealth of attractions that begin with its impressive historical remains, its characteristic architecture, gathered over more than four centuries, festive personality of its inhabitants, their traditions mercadas, beaches and surroundings as well as its delicious gastronomy.

Added to the hospitality of its people, remains one of the favorite destinations of domestic and foreign tourists. In Veracruz we can spend unforgettable moments, enjoying the various attractions that offers both cultural, natural or purely recreational.

In the last 10 years, Veracruz has steadily progress, with its hotel zone, its beautiful waterfront, modern shopping centers, restaurants and cafes where young people enjoy the joy and the environment we live in this great city.

The growth of Veracruz has done to become a favorite spot for tourists, especially because it is not only a destination hotel and beach, but a city with history, culture, beautiful and hospitable folk tradition.