Valle de Bravo is a town in the State of Mexico, located 156 km southwest of Mexico City. Typical city was named in 1971 and magical town in 2005.

Its main attraction is the dam or pond where they performed a variety of water sports and risk. The town itself is famous for its typical architecture, traditional colonial and attracts many tourists.

It is a place surrounded by mountains and home to several sports such as mountain biking, cross country motorcycling (motocross), gliders, paragliders and hanglider (delta wings) and horseback riding can be practiced in a highly recommended place with great scenery.

Also in the lake sports fishermen Rainbow Trout, Tilapia and Carp Israel, sailboat racing and water skiing. Moreover, the population also has three championship golf courses of eighteen holes and a host of excellent restaurants of typical food, international, Italian and French shopping malls with art, crafts and decorative items.

In the vicinity of Valley and Avandaro, heading to the beautiful Bridal Veil Falls, there is the Great Stupa for World Peace (The Stupas are monuments of worship for Buddhists, symbolizing the spiritual process to enlightenment, because it represents the mind clear Buddha or Buddhahood that we can all achieve. through its perfect form, these structures are important manifestations of energy, increasing harmony, peace, prosperity and welfare of those in its vicinity)
The Stupa in Valle de Bravo, the largest to be built in the West, has a height of 36 meters and an area of ​​400 m2. Suitable place for meditation and contact with nature.