State capital of Jalisco, in Guadalajara, you can admire many monuments, which attracts many visitors who are an important factor in economic development of the city.

Main  downtown atracctions:the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Government Palace, the Temple of Aránzazu, Santa Monica, the Fifteenth Military Zone, the House of Dogs, the pantheon of Bethlehem, built, the University building French mansard style dating from 1792 and the beautiful Teatro Degollado.

The city offers residents and tourists a number of green areas, parks, plazas, gardens and gazebos that give a nice touch.

There are also recreational places such as Guadalajara Zoo, the Center for Science and Technology the great Hospice Cabañas (Cabañas Cultural Institute, now called) famous for his mural “Man on Fire” by Mexican artist Jose Clemente Orozco.

His works of art, customs, traditions and legends account for residents and tourists a focal point of interest.

Guadalajara is a very special city, it is often called the most Mexican city in Mexico for all the folklore that handles their charrerías, typical food, tequila, dancing, crafts, people, among