Located in the state of Guerrero on the Pacific coast of Mexico, 240 km. north of Acapulco. It is a resort planned by the government of Mexico. Its natural beauty has been tapped to become a center of tourism development of the first importance in the country.

The name Ixtapa, comes from Nahuatl, means “white place”. It is a modern tourist destination with hotels of all categories and a large marina for over 600 boats, and here the modern and colonial architecture seamlessly blend to give this lovely place a touch of elegance. It is a resort planned by the government of Mexico which was started in the early seventies. It was built on what at one time was a coconut plantation.

The modern “resort” town of Ixtapa is 5 km. or 3 miles from Zihuatanejo, which is the original settlement and the people in reality.
Some travelers believe that Acapulco Ixtapa looks like a miniature transplant. However, this stunning development offers high tourist hotels lined up along the beach, modern condominiums, boutiques, nightclubs, bars and fancy restaurants.

Its extensive coastline, the spectacular bay of Palmar home to many beautiful beaches that attract tourists from around the country and the world. Therefore, Ixtapa life experiences growing tourism and has become one of the most attractive poles and importance in the country.