Playa del Carmen,  is the preferred destination of  excellence for more than 3 million travelers every year who come to enjoy its excellent bays, cenotes, lush jungle and nightlife.

While today is a tourist destination in Mexico highly developed, Playa del Carmen is still young. Just 15 years ago Playa del Carmen was just a port from which ships departed for Cozumel, and he lived in a small group of families of fishermen.

Less than one hour from Cancun International Airport and Cozumel, Playa del Carmen is one of the most incredible beauty of Mexico, the Caribbean has to offer.

In Playa del Carmen there are large and luxurious hotels, eating establishments with typical foods of Mexico and other countries, cultural centers, spectacular white sand beaches and turquoise sea, bars and nightclubs the most fun.

Tourism in Playa del Carmen is growing every year. People from all over the world choose to holiday in the Caribbean because it is a place that gathers all: beaches, relaxation and comfort that only all-inclusive hotels and resorts have to offer. Playa del Carmen is a very romantic place and a European lifestyle. Huge palm trees, unforgettable scenery and all handsome white sand beaches of Playa del Carmen made ​​an earthly paradise in the Caribbean of  Mexico.