Just a few decades ago, Cancun was a deserted island and few knew of its existence. It was abandoned the Caribbean region, in the form of seven dune with some sections were only 20 meters wide and separated from the mainland by two narrow channels connecting the sea with an extensive system of lagoons.

And is that for centuries no one noticed either of what is now called the Mexican Caribbean, which appeared to Cancun (Mayan: kaan kun ‘nest of snakes “), a city that emerged from the jungle and became the international tourism capital of Mexico. Cancun is located in the state of Quintana Roo and was the seat of the Itza who came from the South.

Cancun was a Mayan people learned to live with the forest. Vestiges of extraordinary greatness and the strength of Tulum, Coba and City Kohunlich, among others. There are remains of many known sites, but largely unexplored.

Cancun today is among the main destinations of world tourism, as well as having extraordinary beaches, known for its warm turquoise waters and white sand with towering hotels, villas, condos and mass global tourism, places commercial quality, prestigious shops and renowned cuisine is the best are pleased to Cancun with so many options for food.