Morelia, capital of Michoacan state, is located on a long flat ridge of rocky ground in the southeast Valley Guayangareo, which is bordered by rivers and surrounded by hills that protect the Windy City.

Beautiful city whose streets have been clearly defined by the magnificence of the colonial buildings of the viceroyalty; city that continues to grow at the pace of modernity to suit the needs of today’s world without losing the essence that has made a valuable Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1991.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Morelia from other cities of the republic, is its people, of Morelia are excellent hosts, welcoming people whose desire to please the visitor makes them always smiling and provide treatment only to tourists.

In addition to the many points of interest and the baroque beauty of its historic center, which is the second largest in the country, there are many other interesting places to visit around the city, as the various archaeological sites and beaches.

Very close to Morelia is the sanctuary that comes from North America to reproduce the Monarch butterfly, a forest becomes a carpet of orange and black, to be admired.

The eternal Morelia is given to this in modern colonies, shopping centers, golf courses and hotels, which are integrated into the structure of a city whose old buildings used to be beautiful houses with large courtyards, arcades and sources that could be observed women embroidering fabrics and dreams at sunset.

Visit Morelia is coming to a city that has been frozen in time, its quiet streets are silent witnesses of history that has accumulated in the nooks and corners, nobly offering the quiet caress of a place that has been described as “a unique model in America” ​​by the UNESCO