The city of Puebla is one of the most remarkable historic jewels of Mexico: banner of patriotism through the courage of those who fought the invading French at the famous battle of 1862. It is a city with such magnetism, considered among the 4 most important country for the busiest urban centers, based on a rich architectural heritage, fueled by a succession of deep traditions and cultural manifestations of wonderful shapes and colors.

Its base is projected severe Herrera style, while the majestic towers of the Cathedral, both of 73.93 meters in height are considered the highest in the country.

Puebla tour takes you to the Old Square of San Roque, built in 1801, where the craft market El Parian, a place where tourists revel getting items made ​​from talavera, onyx, glass, clay sweets tasting or buying clothes wonderful colors and fabrics and embroidery.

Meanwhile, the Alley of the Frogs is a plain surrounded by typical colonial houses, serves as a meeting place for hundreds of walkers. There are in it variety of antiques bazaars, bars and restaurants, mariachi music boleros trios waiting to be hired and delight the ear of those who celebrate the love of life.

As for the cuisine, Puebla has a tremendous opportunity to delight visitors with very particular tastes, different or simply exquisite, with the seasoning of a culinary tradition jealously guarded and was born of two cultures intermingled, the Spanish and Indian. And last but not least, to this tradition of oriental flavors and French influences come, which made ​​it one of the kitchens of greater variety and worldwide recognition.